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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time Space and Life...

Here comes a dedication to some of my friends...

Time, Space.... & Life!
All it took was your voice
To get that smile on my face again
Lost was I in the chores of life
In the traffic, job issues, and some other little pain
It was your chuckle
Which re-ignited that spirit I believed was once lost
Brought back our good times, in a toss.
It delights and intrigues me & my mind as well
Should I take it as an omen or is it the devils door to pain
I want to believe again in it
And re-live the life I've dreamt with you
But am no longer sure,
If that is for both of us to gain
I am finally moving on,
And there you walk straight
Into my life, once again
I am overwhelmed with memories
The sensations, the voice,
The good, the bad,
The smart and the times in vain
I stand today at a point
Where I'm looking at the sun rising so bright
You choose what a time to come out of your shadows
And make me loose myself again in your light
It seems like never before
I've moved back once again in time
I can see myself stand
At the corners as a different person in time
I've evolved so much,
I can not change it back again
It's not something I'd want to loose now,
It is your gift, which now I hold.
I'm glad you were a part of my life
I wish it was so much more
I know it can not be true
However good we had a ball!
To move on, me it scares
Am not sure if you are waiting for me
I want to look back sometimes
And know you will be for me right there....
- 24th October, 2008

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Karina said...

I soo totally love this one..!!!! you know why!! hehehe...