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Friday, October 31, 2008

Love Actually!!!

What is it that today I heard in your voice,
Was it magic or was it love at first sight?
When I look at the skies with affection,
There comes along no star under detection
Your laughter fills my silence,
Our memories together, when apart brings me pain..
I promise you, you always make me smile
It is my fear, which gets that sheen in my eyes.
I wonder what makes my eyes, sometimes, shine so bright
Is it magic or love at first sight!

Your presence lightens me up
While your absence darken my days
I wonder if I mean the same to you
Or is it just another passing day.
I want to look into your heart
And know who there, in that little corner resides.
You’ll know all the answers you want
Should you look into my eyes.
I know not what words to say,
But I know all that is true
I know we both need time,
And come what may,
You can be certain, that I love you!

Created on: 17th February 2008

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